Packaging Information

Ever since we started selling the excellences of our territory online all over the world, we have had an eye on protecting the environment. We are proud to offer our customers products selected with care and attention to quality and origin. All this must go hand in hand with the increasingly important attention to sustainability, which is why we have chosen to use only recyclable packaging materials, and as far as we are allowed, also ecological ones, for the shipment of your orders.
Our commitment to the environment doesn't stop there: we are constantly looking for new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We are aware that every small gesture can make a difference and we want to do our part.
For this reason, we have prepared the table that you can consult below with the materials used for the packaging of our food products sold online and the related disposal and recycling methods.
We are confident that you will appreciate our commitment to the environment and help us make a difference.

Carton box Box pap20 PAPER
Cardboard Sleeve Sleeve pap21 PAPER
TEMPGUARD™ Eco-Friendly Packaging Eco-friendly packaging pap22 PAPER
Filler paper Filler paper pap22 PAPER
Wine bottle divider Wine divider pap20 PAPER
Protective film Protective film pe-ld PLASTIC
Air Cushions Air cushions pe-ld PLASTIC
Tape Air cushions pp PLASTIC
Transparent straw Plastic shavings pp PLASTIC
Isothermal box isothermal box ps PLASTIC
French fries isothermal box ps PLASTIC
Pressed Wooden Pallet pallet for WOOD